In 1978, Dire Straits arrived with a magnificent self-titled first album. I can still remember my favorite record shop owner playing it for me. It hit the synapses in all the right sequence. Since that multi-platinum debut album, the band issued five more sets before calling it quits. That included the mega hit classic of Brothers In Arms that gave multi-platinum sales a new look at success. In just a year’s time, that 1985 gem produced by hit singles including “Money For Nothing”, “Walk Of Life”, and “So Far Away”.

On October 09, Rhino Records will bring to CD the LP collection of Dire Straits – Studio Albums 1978-1991. This collection will be contained in a slip-case box, and will feature restored artwork and the remasters given the 2013 LP collection.  The LP collection box will also re-emerge on October 9.

  • Dire Straits (1978)
  • Communique (1979)
  • Making Movies (1980)
  • Love Over Gold (1982)
  • Brothers In Arms (1985)
  • On Every Street (1991)

By MARowe

6 thoughts on “Dire Straits: The Studio Albums 1978-1991 CD Box”
  1. Ah, the eternal question: what about the mastering? And how will it compare to the stellar versions recently released by MFSL? (Except for “On Every Street”, which was oddly omitted.)

  2. On Every Street probably wasn’t done because, as I recall, it’s a DDD album. It also didn’t sell as well as others.

      1. “On Every Street” is the final studio album from Dire Straits. You’re mixing it up with “On the Night”, their live LP released two years later.

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