After an incredibly long hiatus, Keane returns to recording with the release of a new album. Called Cause and Effect, this latest effort provides eleven new tracks from the band that brought us “Somewhere Only We Know”.

On September 20, Cause and Effect will be released on CD, a Deluxe Edition CD (with two bonus studio songs (“New Golden Age”, “Difficult Year”) and three Sea Fog Session acoustic tracks of fully realized songs from the album (“The Way I Feel”, “Stupid Things”, “I’m Not Leaving”), DD, a black vinyl 180g-weight LP version, and a Super Deluxe Box set with an additional disc of live tracks, demos, and session tracks featured in 3 Retroactive EPs.

The Super Deluxe Box adds in a 20 page hardback book, and a lithograph art print. It provides a black vinyl 180g-weight LP of the new album, along with a light blue 10″ EP collection vinyl of CD2.

Cause and EffectKeane

01 You’re Not Home
02 Love Too Much
03 The Way I Feel
04 Put the Radio On
05 Strange Room
06 Stupid Things
07 Phases
08 I’m Not Leaving
09 Thread
10 Chase the Night Away
11 I Need Your Love
Bonus Tracks on Deluxe CD
12 New Golden Age (Bonus Track)
13 Difficult Year (Bonus Track)
14 The Way I Feel (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)
15 Stupid Things (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)
16 I’m Not Leaving (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)

CD2 (in Super Deluxe Box)
01 Somewhere Only We Know [Sprint Music Series, 2003] (Retroactive EP1)
02 Bedshaped [Live At Roundhouse Studios, 2013] (Retroactive EP1)
03 Spiralling [Demo, 2008] (Retroactive EP1)
04 Silenced By The Night [Sea Fog Acoustic Session, 2012] (Retroactive EP1)
05 Again And Again [Demo, 2007] (Retroactive EP2)
06 In Your Own Time [Demo, 2010] (Retroactive EP2)
07 Glass Bottles [Unreleased Demo, 2011] (Retroactive EP2)
08 Better Than This [Demo, 2007] (Retroactive EP2)
09 Strangeland [Dallas Sketch, 2011] (Retroactive EP3)
10 The Lovers Are Losing [Demo, 2008] (Retroactive EP3)
11 This Is The Last Time [Real Network Session, Seattle 2014] (Retroactive EP3)
12 Sunshine [Demo, 2002] (Retroactive EP3)

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