Jesse Colin Young has been with us musically since the ’60s with his still beloved song with The Youngbloods, “Get Together”. (If the title throws you, one listen to the revered song will open the floodgates of your memory, provided you’re a little aged (in numbers).) After his time with The Youngbloods, he moved back to a solo mode and achieved a modicum of success with a string of excellent solo offerings. At his current age of 77, Jesse Colin Young has released his latest album, Dreamers, back in February as a DD (digital download/streaming) offering. 

On May 24, BMG Records will release Dreamers as physical content on CD and vinyl LP. The 14-track set includes some fiery blues like “Walk The Talk”, with its scorching guitars, and the “Take Me To The River” smoker.  The songs on this album are top-shelf and slot quite easily next to his earlier gems.  His supportive “For My Sisters” from the new album can be heard below.

By MARowe