Sam Beam, best known as Iron & Wine, began a music career just after the turn of the new century back in 2002 with The Creek Drank the Cradle. Over the course of time, Iron & Wine released six classic, and well-received albums, a few of them with 4AD, and the rest with Sub-Pop.

Back in 2004, Iron & Wine released the popular Our Endless Numbered Days full-length set, which has sold well over 550,000 units, not counting streaming listens. It’s now been fifteen years since the issue of that classic set. Sub Pop wants to help celebrate its anniversary with the reissue of the album remastered coupled with a collection of eight previously unreleased demos versions of some of the songs (see track list below). In addition, this 15th Anniversary will include a 12-page booklet with notes, photos, and more.

On March 22, Sub Pop will offer the 15th Anniversary Edition of Our Endless Numbered Days in several formats that include CD, DD, 2LP standard black vinyl, and a 2LP Limited “Loser” Edition Opaque Green-colored vinyl. The pre-orders through Sub Pop will supply the DD versions of the album four weeks before official release. 

Sub Pop has released one of the previously unreleased demos in front of the upcoming reissue. It’s “Passing Afternoon” and can be heard below.

Our Endless Numbered Days (15th Anniversary) – Iron & Wine

01 On Your Wings
02 Naked as We Came
03 Cinder and Smoke
04 Sunset Soon Forgotten
05 Teeth in the Grass
06 Love and Some Verses
07 Radio War
08 Each Coming Night
09 Free Until They Cut Me Down
10 Fever Dream
11 Sodom, South Georgia
12 Passing Afternoon
13 Naked as We Came (Demo)
14 Cinder and Smoke (Demo)
15 Teeth in the Grass (Demo)
16 Love and Some Verses (Demo)
17 Free Until They Cut Me Down (Demo)
18 Fever Dream (Demo)
19 Sodom, South Georgia (Demo)
20 Passing Afternoon (Demo)

By MARowe