Today, I listened to Welcome To The Boomtown by David + David. Released in 1986, this album was a grea album to listen to frequently. Not only was it rich in songcraft, the lyrics told important stories. From failure to loneliness, bad choices to the realities of life, the songs of Welcome To The Boomtown never failed to bring me out of every funk I’ve ever been, but also kept me moving forward.

Fats forward to 2016, there were statements that a new David + David album was in the works and what sounded like a finished pre-release single. To date, we’ve heard nothing since those hopeful announcements (here). When I pop in Welcome to the Boomtown, I get hopeful all over again.

So, in the hopes that David Baerwald and/or David Ricketts see this, perhaps they could provide us with something definitive. If the album is not going to happen, could we at least hear the finished single?

For those who are unaware, hopefully the song below will give you a reason to want the same.

By MARowe