No, this isn’t music-related, but my granddaughter is out to best her first year of a charitable event that she formed last year. What started as a simple lemonade stand soon became an event that provided a final tally of $1073, all of which she donated to a charity called 6 Stones.

6 Stones  (here to learn more of them) is located in Bedford, Texas but has a large reach in their efforts to provide school supplies to students without resources to acquire them (Operation Back 2 School), provide home repairs to needy families via their CPR (Community Powered Revitalization) program, established center to distribute emergency food and clothing to needy families, is Santa to families and their children during the holidays, and a variety of other processes that deliver goodness go families all year long.

My granddaughter was the organization’s youngest large donation effort in their history. It’s wonderful when children pick up a responsibility to others and moves forward in a series of provisions from nearby businesses, and support from others like Michaeldae Reinhardt’s State Farm office, who graciously supports the Lemonade Stand by providing a dollar per like of her Facebook page (here, if you are willing). This year, a greater effort is being made to broaden the potential for 2018.

This year, the Second Annual Lemonade Stand is scheduled with a hope of doubling, even tripling the donation of last year’s $1073.

Here is a link to the GoFundMe page. If you are inclined to contribute to it, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the few minutes of your time.

By MARowe