Back in February, I discovered that PiL (Public Image, Ltd) would be releasing a collection called The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart). Still, little is known about the boxed set (if that is what it ends up being), but I do have a date for the digital album release, which is likely the same for the physical when it becomes known. Like previously, we are just giving a bit of info that we have (and it isn’t too much). Here it is:

On July 20, watch for the collection. As a precursor, two songs from the set will be released. The first is “Warrior”, a live cut with an intro from a 1989 show at the New York Ritz. It’s planned for later this month on May 25 as a digital track.

On June 22, a new mix of “Annalisa” will be released, also on digital media. Which leads us directly to the (so far) digital set of The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart). The set is figured to be five discs in total.

Hang in there for more. (Trickles, I know…)

By MARowe