Punk Music arrived in the ’70s designed to both give voice to a disenfranchised youth, and to unseat the perceived “dinosaurs” of Rock. In many ways, it actually did a number on Rock and Roll. As Punk aged, it morphed into Post Punk, and then softened to radio-friendly New Wave and Pop Punk. One of those pioneering Punk Bands is U.K. Subs.  Their first album released in 1978. It was called Another Kind of Blues, setting off an album-naming convention that fully intended to name every album in an alphabetical manner, a project that reached its goal in 2016 with the release of their last album, Ziezo.  The first four UK Subs albums (Another Kind of Blues, Brand New Age – 1980, Crash Course – 1980, Diminished Responsibility – 1981) all hit the high reaches of the UK charts.

On June 1, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of U.K. Subs, Edsel Records will release a 15CD Box designed to begin to revisit all of the alphabetically named U.K. Subs albums. With The Albums Volume 1, A-M will contain albums through 1991’s Mad Cow Fever, every one remastered. In addition to the original albums, a collection of non-LP singles, B-sides, and a few rare compilation tunes to the amount of 58 bonus selections, and a whopping overall count of 279 classic U.K. Subs songs.

The albums are housed in 7″ cardboard sleeve jackets designed with original artwork. The CDs are themselves picture discs. Finally, each Limited Edition (and numbered) Box will contain a signed print by mainstay UK Subs founder, Charlie Harper. There will only be 1000 released Box copies of Volume 1, A-M.  Volume 2 (N-Z) should follow later this year to complete the set.

U.K. Subs The Albums, Volume 1 (A-M) – U.K. Subs
are Original Albums Remastered

CD14 (Non-LP Singles, B-sides, Rare tracks):
01. C.I.D. (Single Version)
02. Live In A Car (Single Version)
03. B.1.C (Single Version)
04. Stranglehold (Single Version)
05. World War (Single Version)
06. Rockers (Single Version)
07. Tomorrows Girls (Single Version)
08. Scum Of The Earth
09. Telephone Numbers
10. She’s Not There
11. Kicks (Single Version)
12. Victim
13. The Same Thing
14. Warhead (Single Version)
15. The Harper
16. I’m Waiting For The Man
17. Teenage (Single Version)
18. Left For Dead
19. New York State Police
20. Party In Paris (Single Version)
21. Fall Of The Empire
22. Keep On Running (Til You Burn)
23. Perfect Girl
24. Ice Age
25. Party In Paris (French Version)
26. Keep On Running (Demo)
27. Shoot You Down
28. Plan Of Action
29. I Don’t Need Your Love
30. Ship Wrecked
31. Enemy Awaits
32. New Barbarians
33. Limo Life
34. I Don’t Need Your Love (Alvin vocal)

CD15 (Non-LP Singles, B-sides, Rare tracks):
01. Self Destruct
02. Police State (Part 1)
03. War Of The Roses
04. Police State (Part 2)
05. Another Typical City (7″ Version)
06. Still Life
07. The Spell
08. Private Army
09. Multiple Minds
10. Primary Strength
11. Another Typical City (12″ Version)
12. This Gun Says
13. Wanted
14. Anti – Warfare
15. Tube Disaster
16. The Motivator
17. Combat Zone
18. Fascist Regime
19. Auld Lang Syne
20. Cycle Sluts From Hell
21. Sabre Dance
22. Motivator (Alternative Take)
23. No Heart
24. Fear To Go
25. Nico (Instrumental)


By MARowe