When it comes to Procol Harum, no other label has been as attentive to their catalog than Cherry Red UK.  In the past, remastered and expanded editions of A Salty Dog, Procol Harum (debut), Shine On Brightly, and Home have been reissued. As well, a massive representative Box, Still There’ll Be More was released celebrating the music of Procol Harum in extravagant and deserving manner.

On June 29, Esoteric Recordings will deliver three more remastered and expanded Procol Harum classics that will include Grand Hotel (1973), Exotic Birds & Fruit (1974), and The Prodigal Stranger (1991).

Grand Hotel is planned as a CD/DVD set with five bonus tracks, three of which are previously unreleased. and a DVD with their previously unreleased November 25, 1973 Belgium show broadcast on RTBF TV. The booklet from the original LP will be replicated for this reissue as well as a new booklet with essay, photos, notes, and credits.

Grand HotelProcol Harum

01. Grand Hotel
02. Toujours L’amour
03. A Rum Tale
04. TV Ceasar
05. A Souvenir of London
06. Bringing Home The Bacon
07. For Liquorice John
08. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
09. Robert’s Box
Bonus Tracks
10. Grand Hotel (Without Orchestra)
11. Bringing Home The Bacon (Raw Track  featuring Dave Ball)
12. Toujours L’Amour (Early version)
13. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) (Early version)
14. Robert’s box (Early version)

DVD (Region 0) [Procol Harum RTBF TV, Belgium Broadcast
NOVEMBER 25, 1973 – Previously Unreleased]:
01. Bringing Home The Bacon
02. Grand Hotel
03. Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
04. A Salty Dog
05. A Rum Tale
06. Conquistador
07. For Liquorice John
08. Power Failure
09. A Souvenir of London

Exotic Birds & Fruit will be reissued as a 3CD digipak edition. The music is remastered and there will be two bonus tracks added. In addition, the full March 1974 BBC Radio One broadcast will be featured here as well as a previously unreleased July 5, 1974 Dallas, TX concert FM Radio KZEW broadcast. A booklet with essay, photos, notes, and more is packed in.

Exotic Birds & FruitProcol Harum

CD1 (Original Album/Bonus Tracks):
01. Nothing But The Truth
02. Beyond The Truth
03. As Strong as Samson
04. The Idol
05. The Thin End of The Wedge
06. Monsieur Armand
07. Fresh Fruit
08. Butterfly Boys
09. New Lamps For Old
Bonus Tracks
10. Drunk Again (B-side)
11. As Strong as Samson (Alternate Mix IN DB)

CD2 (BBC Radio One Concert Broadcast – March 1974):
01. Conquistador
02. Bringing Home The Bacon
03. Whaling Stories
04. New Lamps For Old
05. Beyond The Pale
06. As Strong as Samson
07. Simple Sister
08. The Idol
09. Grand Hotel
10. Butterfly Boys
11. Nothing But The Truth

CD3 (Live at January Sound Studios, Dallas TX for KZEW-FM, July 5, 1974):
01. Conquistador
02. Bringing Home The Bacon
03. Long Gone Geek
04. Homburg
05. Cerdes(Outside The Gates Of)
06. Beyond The Pale
07. Power Failure
08. As Strong as Samson
09. The Idol
10. Butterfly Boys
11. Mabel
12. Nothing But The Truth
13. New Lamps For Old

The Prodigal Stranger will be reissued on a single CD, newly remastered and expanded with three bonus tracks. The booklet will provide notes, photos, and commentary.

The Prodigal StrangerProcol Harum
01. The Truth Won’t Fade Away
02. Holding On
03. Man With A Mission
04. (You Can’t) Turn Back The Page
05. One More Time
06. A Dream in Ev’ry Home
07. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
08. The King of Hearts
09. All Our Dreams Are Sold
10. Perpetual Motion
11. Learn to Fly
12. The  Pursuit of Happiness
Bonus Tracks
13. Into The Flood (Demo)
14. A Real Attitude(Demo)
15. Holding On (Live at  SWR Radio, Germany 2003)


By MARowe