As anniversaries arrive (and sometimes – sadly – go past without a notice), there are sets that receive special attention. I don’t know what sets things into motion (boardroom meetings, artist requests, Excel spreadsheets and probability ratios), but it can be dismaying to watch a wealth of passing anniversaries go by without a whimper. Conversely, it’s refreshing and pleasant to find the ones that DO get recognized for their importance to the world of music. One of those is the highly successful Linda Ronstadt album, Simple Dreams.

Simple Dreams was released in 1977. Its 40th Anniversary reissue is no surprise. The songs on Simple Dreams – “It’s So Easy”, “Blue Bayou”, and an interesting version of The Stones’ “Tumbling Dice” –  will all be  newly remastered. The reissue will add in three bonus tracks that include live versions of songs from the album (“It’s So Easy”, “Blue Bayou”, “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me”).  The included booklet will add new insights of the album along with photos, and notes.

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Simple Dreams is scheduled for reissue on September 15 via Elektra Records (WBR). It will issue on CD, DD, and on 2LP.


By MARowe