Last year, Dale ‘Buffin’ Griffin, the drummer of Mott The Hoople passed away due to Alzheimer’s disease. He was 68. He was part of the sad exits of life that happened in 2016, an event, I fear, that will only accelerate as the years go on. As the cement of 2017 begins to harden, we have already have a few notable deaths indicating a continuing pattern.

On January 22, Overend Watts, the flamboyant bassist of Mott The Hoople joined Buffin in the Great Band after a battle with throat cancer. He was 69.

Mott The Hoople had a hard road to fame and was assisted along the way with an assist by David Bowie, who contributed the band’s big hit, “All The Young Dudes”. From there, the band could do little wrong, although their run in the top echelon of Rock’s best was far too short. By their 1974 classic (The Hoople), they were in disintegration mode. Mick Ralphs had already left for Bad Company, and Ian Hunter departed for a solo career. The remaining elements of the band stayed for several albums as Mott.

Overend was the “rock n roll star” of Mott The Hoople with his platform boots, and choices of onstage clothing. And it’s why we were endeared to Overend!

While we’ve missed Mott The Hoople for some time now, we will miss Overend as much as we have missed Buffin in this past year. Play a track of your favorite song from Mott The Hoople as a remembrance.

Overend Watts


By MARowe