The world turns. Time moves inexorably onward. And people pass on because of that. We age. We get time-worn. Yes, it seems unfair…and it is! But that’s the paradigm we have. That becomes especially difficult when someone who meant much to so many people reaches the end of their lifespan. Today, the thought is on Greg Lake, who helped power the greatness that was King Crimson (in their first album), and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Greg Lake was a talented person who created a wealth of songs that will carry him into infinity. Of course, his physical being has shed the mortal coil, but his spirit is exuberantly alive in every song he was a part of. Whether that is the first music of King Crimson, or the wealth of music created with ELP, including my personal favorite, “From The Beginning” from my equally favorite ELP album, Trilogy.

As time changed, the power of ELP lost its charm. Of course, that charm depends on how long you stayed with the band’s output. But regardless of how far you went with them, and how long you hung with Greg Lake as a solo performer, the fact remains, the world is less a concept of continuity with the loss of Greg Lake.

But, while I am sad that he is gone from this world, I am pleased that, until the day I pass myself, I have the music of King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and the fluidity of Greg Lake’s performances of his original material after the fact with which to console myself with. And that is a timeless offering that he has left behind.

Now, go listen to some of his music from whatever source you find most comforting to you. For me, it’s “From The Beginning”. I’ll be listening to that a lot.

Greg Lake


By MARowe