Released at the end of 1988, Soundgarden‘s debut album, Ultramega OK, eventually went on to snag a coveted Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance. The album was released by the popular SST independent label, although the band would eventually go on to with major label, A&M Records just a year later.

Ultramega OK has a story that goes with it. After release, the band felt the released mix was unsuitable and moved to remix the album almost after the first batch of albums reached the marketplace. As time will do, the band got caught up in their own success and the remix project evaporated into thin air. The rest of Soundgarden’s lifespan was spent in creating new music, touring, and other worthwhile exploits and adventures.

Speed to 2016. The band reacquire the multi-track tapes to Ultramega OK, and the remix project was full steam ahead. Here we are at the front end of 2017, and the fruits of that labor will be available on March 10.

Sub Pop Records will reissue Ultramega OK with a ‘corrected’ mix, and expanded to include the six early tracks of songs referred to as Ultramega EP.

The remixed and expanded reissue will be released on CD, Cassette, and  2LP vinyl. The vinyl LP set will include download rights to the album’s expanded 19 tracks (see tracklist below).

Ultramega OK – Soundgarden

01 Flower
02 All Your Lies
03 665
04 Beyond the Wheel
05 667
06 Mood for Trouble
07 Circle of Power
08 He Didn’t
09 Smokestack Lightning
10 Nazi Driver
11 Head Injury
12 Incessant Mace
13 One Minute of Silence
14 Head Injury (Early Version)
15 Beyond the Wheel (Early Version)
16 Incessant Mace (Short) [Early Version]
17 He Didn’t (Early Version)
18 All Your Lies (Early Version)
19 Incessant Mace (Long) [Early Version]

By MARowe