Queen has enjoyed not only a massive wave of popularity that came after the release of their 4th album, A Night At The Opera, but also a sure sense of immortality as Freddie Mercury achieved a level few vocalists are placed at. After many albums, a handful of strong hits, and and many legendary shows, Queen is an unforgettable name in the annals of Rock and Roll. And of course, they need absolutely no introduction.

On November 4, Hollywood Records will be releasing another in a strong and smooth flowing river of Queen issues over the years. This new set is called Queen On Air, and will house the BBC Recordings of Queen over several formats. Those will include a 2CD set, a 3LP set, a 3CD set, and a possible 6CD complete set.

The 2CD set will feature six BBC sessions. The 3LP set will feature the same, one session per side. The 3CD set will include a performance set from Golder’s Green Hyppodrome in addition to the 2CD BBC Sessions. The 6CD Box, if released, will add, in addition to the 2 CDs of the six sessions, 2 CDs with radio interviews, 1 CD with the Golder’s Green Hyppodrome performance, and another CD with rare and unreleased stuff.

There is also talk of a DVD/Blu-ray set for video of BBC TV appearances including a Boxed set that will bundle in the 3CDs (BBC Sessions, Golder’s Green Hyppodrome show) along with the DVD and BD videos.

The entire flow f information for Queen On Air isn’t completely in just yet. But soon the dust will settle. When it does, I’ll clarify each intended release properly, and strip out the rumored materials if they are excluded.




By MARowe