Marianne Faithfull No ExitMarianne Faithfull has such a long, rich history of Rock and Roll involvement that it’s almost impossible to not recall her during a visit to almost any period of it. With an extraordinary and captivating beauty (ask Mick Jagger), Marianne Faithfull left quite an impression on our Rock psyches. She did mine!

With classic early albums like Marianne Faithfull (1964) with “As Tears Go By”, sung in her unique voice, and her comeback efforts in the late ’70s beginning with the incredibly bold, wild, and right on musical target Broken English (1979). She has left behind an attractive music legacy with her recorded studio efforts. Throughout, Marianne Faithfull has shown a strong resilient side of her that many of us Faithfull fans are quite pleased she has. She’s not the same singer now as she was in the past. She’s better!

On September 30, earMUSIC will release several versions of a Marianne Faithfull live set called No Exit. Details are spotty (I have requests for greater depth in the email system) but with the inclusion of tracks from her last studio album, Give My Love To London (2014), the live set is definitely a recent one. No Exit is pegged for a standard CD issue, DD, vinyl LP, as well as an essential Deluxe CD/DVD Edition.

I’ll update as I discover more (if necessary).

No Exit — Marianne Faithfull

01 – Intro
02 – Falling Back
03 – The Price Of Love
04 – Love More Or Less
05 – As Tears Go By
06 – Mother Wolf
07 – Sister Morphine
08 – Late Victorian Holocaust
09 – Sparrows Will Sing
10- The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan


By MARowe