Uriah Heep - Salisbury UKIn my June 22 post (read here), I mentioned that the Uriah Heep legacy catalog titles were being reissued over the course of 2016 and 2017 on 2CD remastered and expanded editions. That campaign begins with …very ‘eavy, …very ‘umble, their debut release from 1970. That album is planned for release on September 30 with an extra CD of twelve unreleased tracks to make this title (and all that follow it) definitive reissues (with their own inclusions of bonus tracks). That reissue will be joined by a 3CD anthology package called Your Turn to Remember – The Definitive 1970-1990.

On October 28, the reissued, remastered, and expanded …very ‘eavy,…very ‘umble will be followed by the second in the series, Salisbury. Salisbury was originally released in 1971, and was considered an admirable follow-up to their first. Salisbury was followed by Look At Yourself (1971) but a mere eight months later. I’m sure that title shows up in November, although there is no schedule available.

As far as covers go, I suspect the UK cover will prevail over the US cover (although I’m preferential to the US artwork for this set, where usually I’m not). Nevertheless, given the status of this reissue, I’m sure that both covers will be represented in one way or the other!

Uriah Heep Salisbury US

Salisbury – Uriah Heep – 2CD Deluxe Edition

CD1 – Original Album 2016 Remaster:
01. Bird of Prey
02. The Park
03. Time to Live
04. Lady in Black
05. High Priestess
06. Salisbury

CD2 – An Alternative Salisbury:
01. High Priestess (Alternative Version)
02. Time to Live (Alternative Version)
03. The Park (Alternative Version)
04. Simon the Bullet Freak (Alternative Version)
05. Bird of Prey (Alternative Version)
06. Here Am I (Alternative Version)
07. Lady in Black (Alternative Version)
08. Salisbury (Alternative Version)
09. Salisbury (Alternative Version; Live)


By MARowe