Korn the Serenity Of SufferingIt’s been almost three years since the release of The Paradigm Shift, the 11th studio set from Korn. Having been in the music stream since the late ’90s, that almost seems criminal for fans to have to wait as long as they do for new music. (Remember when classic bands used to push great albums out the door almost every six months?) Nevertheless, the fact that a new Korn album is in the wings is good news for their fans.

On October 21, Road Runner Records will release the next Korn album, The Serenity Of Suffering. It will provide a collection of eleven new songs. One of those songs, “Rotting In Vain” can be heard on the embedded video below. A new single, which features Skrillex, will be released on October 24. That song is called “Narcissistic Cannibal”.

The Serenity Of Suffering will be released on CD (in both edited and PA forms), DD, and vinyl LP. the LP edition will include Digital Download rights.


By MARowe