LEGHere comes a time where you need to set aside the disruptive imagery that this band’s name might initiate in your mind. So let’s get this one out of the way first: Let’s Eat Grandma. There! Now that that’s out in the open, let’s talk about this band.

Let’s Eat Grandma is comprised of two childhood friends. They are Rosa Walton, and Jenny Hollingworth. Both are from Norwich, England.  Currently, they are 17 years old, an age that has many dreaming of being involved in Rock and Roll, whereby these two already have their first album out. In an age of ‘everyone’s in this’ music, the sounds of Let’s Eat Grandma (LEG) are more expressive, more unique, and more thoughtful than most. When you get an interesting combination like that, you can get my attention easily. And I listen to a LOT of music on a daily basis. More than I should.

The album is called I, Gemini. It was released by Transgressive Records on Jume 17. Since then, there has been a bit of a media blitz due to the band’s unconventional sound. For me, I hear a threaded collection of influences from many of our own heroes. Using many instruments to create their songs, the two friends have collected a batch of interesting songs that incorporate current and past. I’m particularly fond of the opener track on the album, “Deep Six Textbook” (heard and viewed on the embedded video below). It is a blend of experimental music, haunting vocals, and an strong ability to stick around after you’ve heard it. It is a bit of a dark song for two so young. But it also showcases their abilities, which can leave the forward thinkers here to realize their second and third albums have a potential to be awe-inspiring and capable of being influential to newer arrivals on the music horizon.

LEG I Gemini

As with any band (even The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc), LEG will not please every one. But they interest me. And I’m sure they’ll interest a few of you as well. For that end, I hope that you enjoy what you’re hearing.

For me, I’m fascinated!


By MARowe