Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell SACDSACD – or Super Audio CD – arrived in 1999. At one time, labels threw their weight into the format alongside a competing high resolution competitor, DVD-Audio. As time – and consumer intent – would have it, SACD production shrunk to extreely low levels of production after seeing a wide range of classic being made available. In fact, there are several legendary no-shows from the Columbia vaults that include Rocks by Aerosmith (although one escaped into the wild for record transference of money), and 5D by The Byrds.

After the consumer refusal to participate (you had to have a dedicated machine, and that was an expenditure that was being resisted by the masses, much like its predecessor, Quad 4-channel was resisted), all the major labels saw SACD and DVD-Audio as formats to be abandoned for lack of interest. However, to this day, both formats do well enough in a niche market. As a result, several labels have picked up the torch. One of them is Analog Spark, who’s main interest is in grand audio restorations on SACD and vinyl 180g-weight vinyl reissues.

On July 22, Analog Spark will reissue the classic Bat Out Of Hell album by Meat Loaf on a Stereo Hybrid SACD disc. The set is specially housed in what are Stoughton old style tip-on gatefold jacket Рessentially a high-grade chipboard gate-fold jacket manufactured by Stoughton Printing. The DSD mix is a remastered one by Kevin Gray of Cohearent Audio. Simply put, this should improve upon the original DSD mix released in early 2001. (Good luck finding one of those anyway. Try Discogs!)


By MARowe