There are few artists in the world with as much recorded work as Frank Zappa. A simple look at his discography will yield a mind-bending collection of albums when he was alive. Hell, Zoot Allures was Zappa’s 22nd(!) studio album in only ten years! Talk about prolific. The great thing is that most of those first 22 albums charted. That firmly established the audience the Zappa had to his brand of Rock and Roll. And then there are his posthumous releases, curated and distributed by the Zappa Trust through the Universal-distributed Zappa Records. The last album to come to fans via Zappa Records was the anticipated and highly appreciated Road Tapes, Venue 3, which was released back in May (2016). After 102 official Zappa releases – including Road Tapes, Venue 3 – we’re ready for more. And more we shall have.

On July 15, Zappa Records will be offering two titles. The first is Frank Zappa For President. The other is The Crux Of The Biscuit, the title taken from a line in “Stink-Foot” from Apostrophe, or ‘ (1974). Both titles are planned for CD releases only (for now). While I can’t tell you what these titles make up yet, I do have cover art that should suffice.

FZ Frank Zappa For President   FZ The Crux Of The Biscuit

Enjoy, Zappa fans!


By MARowe