Beau That Thing RealityAs with all music, we look for the one that separates from the others. These days, with over 50 years of Rock and Roll originality behind us, that’s a difficult task to achieve. And while there is really ‘nothing new under the sun’, there are still enticing elements of some new bands and artists that cause us to pause, to drink in the music a little deeper than we allow for the others.  Beau is one of those bands.

Beau is a duo that features two school friends in Heather Golden and Emma Rose. Heather is the duo’s voice and an enchanting one at that. She is not only one of the more interesting voices in the world, she has a dark, enchanting beauty to go with it. The guitar accompaniment of Emma Rose, who also has an enchanting beauty, works quite well with Heather’s voice to make the music of Beau one of the better bands to come from NYC.

Their extraordinary debut album, That Thing Reality, was recently released (March 11). The album contains twelve tracks that range from engaging blues tunes, to lively rock tracks, and to evocative folk songs. “Leave Me Be”, a bluesy gem of a song showcases the girls with all the stops pulled out. Heather’s lovely voice provides the song’s ‘come hither’ attraction while Emma’s guitar arrangement is more complex here (than their other songs) adding to the charm of it.

The radio-ready instant choice from the album is “One Wing”. It gives Heather’s voice a challenge (something that is a highlight of this entire album with Heather pulling it off wonderfully). I find the three-note play that Emma Rose uses on her guitar in several places in the song a truly haunting play. Its use in the close of the song leaves you wanting to return to it…just to hear those notes replayed. “One Wing” is a masterful song, great in its sincerity and excellence.

The other tracks I leave for you to discover for your own. But I can easily say that the straight blues/rock of “C’mon Please” will not disappoint. Nor will “Animal Kingdom”, the folk-styled “Roam”,  or even “Sweet Lips”, which is a go-to Rock track that doesn’t fail. “Lullaby” is a gorgeous close to the standard edition of the album (the deluxe edition contains three additional tracks).

This debut is a welcome start to a band that I have every faith in to make their next one a soaring masterpiece. But for now, That Thing Reality is highly recommended by me.


By MARowe