The Very Best Of The Thompson TwinsIf you were an avid fan of late ’70s, early ‘8os Rock – y’know, the MTV era – then you most definitely hear of The Thompson Twins. This band was primarily made up of original founder, Tom Bailey, and later shored up by Alannah Currie, and Joe Leeway during their successful run of New Wave hits in the ’80s. They were responsible for an impressive string of infectious tunes that had an ability to hang out with your mind’s radio for quite a time.

Unfortunately, as will happen with many bands, the toll on them tended to separate them. Eventually, The Thompson Twins were no more. But if you were a fan, they still have the same replay value that many bands of that eclectic time period still have.

On April 8, a UK label by the name of Metro Select will release 2CD collection of Greatest Hits as well as a selection of bonus tracks, 12″ dance tracks and remixes (see list below) featuring the collected output of the band in its several variations. The collection will be called Hold Me Now – The Very Best Of The Thompson Twins.

There is no word on whether the music is remastered. for US fans, this title will be an import.

Hold Me Now: The Very Best Of The Thompson Twins – The Thompson Twins

01. You Take Me Up
02. Doctor! Doctor!
03. Hold Me Now
04. In The Name Of Love
05. We Are Detective
06. Love On Your Side
07. Sister Of Mercy
08. The Gap
09. Lay Your Hands On Me
10. Tears
11. Watching
12. King For A Day
13. Lies
14. Future Days
15. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream
16. Judy Do
17. Let Loving Start (12inch version)

Disc: 2
01. Nothing In Common
02. Runaway
03. If You Were Here
04. In The Name Of Love (12inch Dance Extension)
05. Love On Your Side (No Talkin’) [12inch Version]
06. We Are Detective [More Clues] (12inch version)
07. Watching (You Watching Me) (12inch version)
08. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Over Me) (12inch version)
09. Lay Your Hands On Me (Extended Nile Rogers & Tom Bailey Remix)
10. No Peace For The Wicked
11. Long Goodbye
12. Still Waters
13. Squares And Triangles
14. She’s In Love With Mystery
15. Could Be Her… Could Be You
16. When I See You
17. Revolution


By MARowe