UK Ultimate Collectors EditionThis is somewhat “old news” by now, but in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is cool U.K. news:

If you were a U.K. (band) fan, then you’ll be pleased to read that the short-lived supergroup will get a HUGE multi-disc Box featuring not only the band’s studio releases in remastered form, but also a wealth of live recordings and other assortted goodies and enhancements.

U.K. was formed by John Wetton, Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson, and Allan Holdsworth. Together, that line-up crafted the stunning self-titled debut, U.K. (1978). That album performed well on charts, on critics’ lists, and with fans. After differences, Holdsworth and Bruford left leaving Wetton and Jobson to recruit Terry Bozzio on drums to form the trio that created the brilliant second album, Danger Money (1979). After the album, further differences caused the dissolution of the band, and that was the last of U.K. as far as studio albums would go. There would be a reunion for nostalgia and monetary reasons later, but U.K. as we knew them was finished.

On April 15, the 16Disc Box called UK – Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be released with 12CDs and 4BDs to create a definitive look at the band that time forgot (but you didn’t).

Ultimate Collector’s Edition will provide the original two studio albums as well as the official live set released by EG Records, Night After Night (1979). That live set will be expanded to add in 50 extra minutes. (How I wish that we’d begin to see more and more popular Live sets from other bands get the expanded treatment to include full concerts instead of just the cherry-picked ones. Live Dates (Wishbone Ash) is one I want!) In addition, those classic albums will be featured on several BD-audio discs in high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz sound. But that’s not everything.

Other CDs and BDs will provide audio for Jobson/Wetton 2011 Reunion show in Tokyo, as well three original era concerts (Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia), and their last concert from Netherlands in 1979. Some of the CDs offer interviews and unreleased materials to make this set a truly important one for fans of the band.

Finally, a big 64-page booklet will contain scores of photos, liner notes, essays, and other minutiae related to the existence of U.K.

The entire Box was oversaw by Eddie Jobson.



By MARowe