Bloc Party HymnsOne of the more musically interesting bands to me over the last ten years has been Bloc Party. Their incredible debut album, Silent Alarm, was released in 2005. From there, the band has released three other albums (A Weekend In The City – 2007, Intimacy – 2008, Four – 2012). After the release of Silent Alarm, anticipation was incredibly high for the sophomore set. However, the album was a notable departure from the power of its predecessor, thus creating a dissension among fans. To some, the bold move was welcomed. To others, the move frustrated a giddy fanbase. From there, the changes were there to regain a footing.

On January 29, a newer version of Bloc Party will arrive with a new album. The new album is titled Hymns. It is being released as a CD, DD, Deluxe Edition CD, and vinyl LP. The Deluxe Edition will add four additional tracks to the eleven found on the standard CD and LP issue.

Currently, Bloc Party has preceded the new album with an excellent single that hearkens back to the excitement of the original album. The song, “The Love Within” is an electronic gem that bodes well. I’m anxious to hear the entire album!

Listen to “The Love Within” on this cool video below!

By MARowe