Tracy Chapman Greatest HitsTracy Chapman illumined a late eighties mindset with the plight of poverty on her massive hit, “Fast Car”. With dreams of a better life, and the struggle to get there, the realities hit like  brick in her well-written song. That set the stage for her poetic ability to talk about sensitive things on an international stage, where all can hear and understand.

Since “Fast Car”, and her 1988 self-titled debut, Tracy Chapman has released a stream of socially conscious songs from eight albums. Her last album, Our Bright Future, was released in 2008 with excellent charting. This indicated that Tracy Chapman could still connect with her audience with a series of well-crafted songs with strong lyrics and excellent music.

On November 20, Elektra Records will dive into those eight albums (Tracy Chapman – 1988, Crossroads – 1989, Matters Of The Heart – 1992, New Beginning – 1995, Telling Stories – 2000, Let It Rain – 2002, Where You Live – 2005, Our Bright Future – 2008) to assemble an eighteen-track ‘best of’ called Tracy Chapman – Greatest Hits. This collection will feature seventeen brand new 2015 remasterings of Chapman songs, plus a live performance song from a David Letterman airing (“Stand By Me”).

This collection is her only Greatest Hits set.

Tracy Chapman – Greatest Hits

01 Telling Stories
02 Baby Can I Hold You
03 Change
04 The Promise
05 Open Arms
06 Subcity
07 Fast Car
08 Bang Bang Bang
09 Crossroads
10 Speak The Word
11 Smoke And Ashes
12 Sing For You
13 You’re The One
14 Save Us All
15 All That You Have Is Your Soul
16 Talkin’ Bout A Revolution
17 Give Me One Reason
18 Stand By Me (Live From The Late Show With David Letterman)


By MARowe