Jack Bruce Sunshine Of Your LoveJack Bruce, one of the greats in the annals of Rock and Roll, gave a lot of music via the many bands that he played with. In addition, Jack Bruce recorded solo albums as well. His best known stop was Cream, the Clapton/Bruce/Baker supergroup that left behind enough classics to keep us happy.

On October 23, Republic Records will assemble a 2CD set that highlights several periods of Jack Bruce’s stops that include Cream, BBM (Bruce/Baker/Moore), and his solo works. The 2CD set is being called Sunshine Of Your Love – A Life In Music.

Sunshine Of Your Love – A Life In Music — Jack Bruce/Cream/BBM


01. N.S.U.
02. I Feel Free [Mono Version]
03. I’m So Glad
04. Sunshine Of Your Love
05. We’re Going Wrong
06. White Room
07. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
08. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
09. Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune
10. Rope Ladder To The Moon
11. Theme For An Imaginary Western
12. Weird Of Hermiston
13. Folk Song
14. Can You Follow
15. Morning Story
16. You Burned The Tables On Me
17. Pieces Of Mind
18. Running Through Our Hands
19. Keep It Down
20. Something To Live For


01. Without A Word
02. How’s Tricks
03. Childsong
04. The Best Is Still To Come
05. She’s Moving On
06. Jet Set Jewel
07. Ships In The Night
08. City Of Gold
09. Waiting In The Wings
10. Out Into The Fields
11. The Night That Once Was Mine
12. Candlelight
13. Fields Of Forever
14. Reach For The Night
15. Don’t Look Now


By MARowe