Paul Butterfield Blues BandThe things that Paul Butterfield experienced and witnessed during the beginnings of Rock and Roll were experiences that the rest of us enthusiasts dream of. With a band in Chicago, he played with many greats including Muddy Waters. His harmonica playing was – and still is – considered one of the Blues genre’s best. I know. I enjoyed listening to his many albums. And while Paul Butterfield is no longer with us, having died decades back of a heroin overdose, his legacy is still a great one.

Essentially, his part of Rock and Roll history touches heels with many of the greats in many of the greatest moments.

On October 30, Elektra Records will issue a 14CD Box set of Complete Albums 1965-1980. This box will include:

  • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – 1965
  • East-West – 1966
  • The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw – 1967
  • In My Own Dream – 1968
  • Keep On Moving – 1969
  • The Butterfield Blues Band Live – 1970 (2CD)
  • Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin’ – 1971
  • The Original Lost Elektra Sessions – 1964 (1995)
  • Better Days (on Bearsville Records) – 1973
  • It All Comes Back (on Bearsville Records) – 1973
  • Put It In Your Ear (on Bearsville Records) – 1976
  • North South (on Bearsville Records) – 1981
  • Live In Whitelake, NY  8/19/69


By MARowe