Taking Heads Psycho Killer LiveAfter the Sire Records release of Talking Heads first album, the band tore a fiery trail leading up to their final album, Naked. Naked was released in 1988, marking the end of the band. Nevertheless, Talking Heads left their mark on Rock and Roll, a mark still felt and discussed these many years later. For now, we get nostalgic reissues, and a collection of live performances.

On July 13, Klondike Records will release an unearthed KSAN Radio recording and airing of the band’s 1978 show at The Boarding House in San Francisco. The exact date was September 16, the second night of a three night stand. This was before the band exploded commanding shows that housed thousands of fans rather than the small venues they were accustomed to. This album is fifteen tracks of Talking Heads goodness, culled from their first two albums.

This archival Live set is being called Psycho Killer…Live.

01. Big Country
02. Warning Sign
03. The Book I Read
04. Stay Hungry
05. Artists Only
06. Girls
07. The Good Thing
08. Love > Buildings On Fire
09. Electricity
10. Found a Job
11. New Feeling / Pulled Up
12. Psycho Killer
13. Take Me To the River
14. I’m Not In Love
15. N0 Compassion


By MARowe