Alice Cooper The Studio Albums 1969-1983Warner Brothers and Rhino Records does an uneven Box set that will appeal only to the fans of both Alice Cooper (the band), AND Alice Cooper (the man). (I’m not one of them!). The new box is an assembly of Alice Cooper titles that include the original band’s seven studio titles, and the first eight solo performer album issues (Welcome To My Nightmare – 1975, Goes To Hell – 1976, Lace And Whisky – 1977, From the Inside – 1978, Flush The Fashion – 1980, Special Forces –  1981, Zipper Catches Skin – 1982, DaDa – 1983).

The Box, The Studio Albums 1969-1983, will be a 15CD set simply accumulating the titles that represented, albeit unevenly and possibly improperly depending on your viewpoint, the persona behind the name of Alice Cooper. Effectively, these albums represent the material recorded with Warner Brothers Records.

All of the albums are from the 2011 Japanese remasters with the exception of Pretties For You, Welcome To My Nightmare, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, and DaDa, who have no remastering year listed.

This Boxed collection will be released on July 31. Cost-wise, it’s available on Amazon rounding off at $100.

By MARowe