No sooner than the announcements for two classic Procol Harum editions from UK’s Esoteric Records were made (Shine On Brightly – 1968, Procol Harum – 1968), it is now planned for the label to remaster and expand two more classic Procol Harum titles. The first two announced are expected on June 29 (UK).

On July 31 (UK), Esoteric Records will reissue A Salty Dog (1969), and Home (1970). Both albums are being completely remastered from the original tapes. Both will present fully restored artwork, and new liner notes. Each will offer bonus tracks.

A Salty Dog  will offer twelve bonus tracks of which five are previously unreleased. The unreleased tracks are from the BBC Radio sessions from October 1968 and May 1969. Included in the bonus tracks are a mono mix of “A Salty Dog”, and the non-album B-side of that single, “Long Gone Geek”, as well as an early recording of “The Milk Of Human Kindness.” This set will reissue in both single CD, and 2CD Deluxe Edition. The single CD will add in “Long Gone Geek”. Complete track-list is below:

Procol Harum A Salty Dog

A Salty Dog – 2CD Deluxe Edition


01 – A Salty Dog
02 – The Milk Of Human Kindness
03 – Too Much Between Us
04 – The Devil Came From Kansas
05 – Boredom
06 – Juicy John Pink
07 – Wreck Of The Hesperus
08 – All This And More
09 – Crucifiction Lane
10 – Pilgrims Progress


01 – Skip Softly My Moonbeams
02 – Wish Me Well
03 – Long Gone Geek “Top Gear” BBC Radio One Session (October 6th, 1968 – Previously Unreleased)
04 – Goin’ Down Slow
05 – Juicy John Pink
06 – Crucifiction Lane
07 – Skip Softly My Moonbeams/Also Sprach Zarathustra (Recorded Live in USA – April 1969)
08 – The Milk Of Human Kindness “Symonds On Sunday” BBC Radio One Session (May 20th, 1969 – Previously Unreleased)
09 – Juicy John Pink “Top Gear” BBC Radio One Session (May 27, 1969 – Previously Unreleased)
10 – A Salty Dog (Mono Single Mix)
11 – Long Gone Geek (non-album B-side to A Salty Dog single)
12 – The Milk Of Human Kindness (Take One – Raw Backing Track, Abbey Road Studios on January 31, 1969)

Home, like A Salty Dog, will be a newly remastered 2CD Deluxe Edition with an excellent booklet filled with photos, new liner notes, and restored artwork. Home will be expanded with eleven bonus tracks, of which three are previously unreleased. See complete track-list below:

Procol Harum Home

Home – 2CD Deluxe Edition


01 – Whisky Train
02 – The Dead Man’s Dream
03 – Still There’ll Be More
04 – Nothing That I Didn’t Know
05 – About To Die
06 – Barnyard Story
07 – Piggy Pig Pig
08 – Whaling Stories
09 – Your Own Choice


01 – Your Own Choice (Demo – 1969, recorded at Trident Studios – London)
02 – Barnyard Story (Take 4)
03 – The Dead Man’s Dream (Take 7 – Recorded at Abbey Road Studios – London)
04 – Still There’ll Be More (Take 3 – Backing Track – Recorded at Abbey Road Studios – London)
05 – Whaling Stories (Initial Backing Track)
06 – About To Die (George Martin Mix – Abbey Road Studios – London, 1970)
07 – Your Own Choice (Extended Mix)
08 – Piggy Pig Pig (Chris Thomas Remix – Abbey Road Studios – London, 1970)
09 – Whisky Train (US Radio Single Edit – A-side, Previously Unreleased)
10 – Your Own Choice
11 – About To Die “David Symonds Show” BBC Radio One Session – May 12, 1970 – Previously Unreleased)

(Thanks to Phil C for the heads up!)


By MARowe

One thought on “Two Additional Procol Harum Classics, A Salty Dog, Home, To Be Remastered And Expanded For July”
  1. I have checked these track listings against the previous CD editions(on the “Westside” amp; “Salvo” labels. Fans must hold onto the “Westside” editions, because they have numerous bonus tracks that won’t be reissued by the “Esoteric” label, however, these new CD releases of “A Salty Dog” amp; “Home” will render the “Salvo” editions totally obsolete. All of the bonus tracks from the “Salvo” editions of “A Salty Dog” amp; “Home” will be reissued by “Esoteric”.

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