Chicago Studio Albums 1979-2008 v2In 2012, Rhino Records released a 10CD Box covering the first decade of Chicago. The Box, Studio Albums: 1969-1978 (Vol 1) provided all of the great albums that Chicago released during that embryonic period up through Hot Streets. The albums were newly remastered, and the CDs were packaged in cardboard-sleeve “mini-LP” individuals. There’s no denying the excellent stringĀ of music found on those first ten albums. Oh yeah, and the singles too, of which there were over twenty, some of them so good, the B-side even charted (“Beginnings” – A-side, “Colour My World” – B-side; “Questions 67 and 68” – A-side, “I’m A Man” – B-side). The box did not contain any booklets. This was a reasonably priced and easy way to acquire what is arguably the band’s best period of music.

On July 10, Rhino will reissue that Boxed set as it was originally released in 2012. But the real reason for its re-release is to accompany the latest volume of The Studio Albums for Chicago, this one to be issued as Volume 2, and covering the years from 1979-2008.

The Studio Albums: 1979-2008 (Vol 2) will release on July 10, in much the same presentation as Volume 1. Its intended 10CDs will cover sets up through The Stone Of Sisyphus (Chicago XXXII – 2008), and will include Chicago 13, Chicago XIV, Chicago 16, Chicago 17, Chicago 18, Chicago 19, Twenty 1, Night And Day: Big Band, XXX, and The Stone of Sisyphus. concentrating only on the studio releases, just as the first volume did.

The box is a clamshell container. Some of the albums will contain bonus tracks, just as the first box did.

Chicago Studio Albums 1969-1978 v1



By MARowe