Rainbow Denver 1979After the departure of Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple, he jumped back into the flames of Rock and Roll with a new band, Rainbow. Needless to say, Blackmore’s Rainbow held a great measure of success right from the outset. No surprise there.

The band produced a string of albums beginning with the self-titled debut in 1975. Since then the band, with a heavy rotation of newer members, produced seven more studio efforts, and enjoyed immense success with a live classic, On Stage (1977).

On May 26, Purple Pyramid Records (Cleopatra Records) will release a Deluxe Edition of a previously unreleased live set performed in Denver from their Down to Earth tour in 1979. The album, Denver 1979, will be released on vinyl 2LP. The vinyl LP is planned for pressing in three different colors, each separately available. The colors include green, red, or blue, and will be packaged in a holographic foil gatefold jacket. There will only be 1000 copies of each color option made available.

The tracklist includes:

01. Eyes Of The World
02. Love s No Friend

01. Since You Been Gone
02. All Night Long

01. Lost In Hollywood

01. Man On The Silver Mountain
02. Long Live Rock N Roll

On August 21, Purple Pyramid will release a 3CD Super Deluxe Rainbow Box that will include this set, along with two other full-length concert settings from Chicago, and Long Island. Each CD will be housed in a represenative sleeve. The Down to Earth Tour 1979 Box will add in bonuses that include a guitar pick, a combo bottle opener/keychain, a 1″ color button, and a patch. The box will also contain a booklet to provide historical data from these 1979 Down To Earth captures.

Rainbow Live

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Rainbow 1979 Live Sets In Various Formats And Shows Expected In May/August”
  1. 7 songs? Damn, I hope a couple of them are 15 minute long extended versions with Ritchie’s guitar work but I’m doubting it.

  2. I like to see bands offering up these vault releases. That said I’m only a fan of Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio on vocals so I’ll pass.

  3. These are boots guys, and nothing more. The band has nothing to do with them and seeing how a photo of Ritchie from 1972 with Deep Purple is being used for Denver 1979 I’d stay far away.

    I’m a Rainbow fanatic and these FM broadcast shows are easily attainable elsewhere.

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