Bill Wyman White Lightnin The Solo BoxIf you’re a Stones fan, or, more specifically, a fan of Bill Wyman, then here’s a collector’s treat for you.

On June 15, the UK market will release a 4CD/1DVD Box called White Lightnin’: The Solo Box. The box will assemble into one place, the four solo Bill Wyman efforts (Monkey Grip – 1974, Stone Alone – 1976, Bill Wyman – 1982, Stuff – 1992, Japan/Argentina only release, released in UK – 2000). The title of this box is taken from Wyman’s  Monkey Grip, where the song originates.

The Box set will offer 24 bonus tracks, four of which have been previously unreleased. Each CD in the box will contain the bonus tracks relevant to their original sessions (see track-list below). The included DVD will feature a new video interview with Wyman, along with eight promo videos, and a selection of live TV clips from the BBC. The booklet will be a 40-page affair with the usual collection of new photos, notes, essays, lyrics, and credits. The box will be a clam-shell housing unit.



01. I Wanna Get Me A Gun
02. Crazy Woman
03. Pussy
04. Mighty Fine Time
05. Monkey Grip Glue
06. What A Blow0
07. White Lightnin’
08. I’ll Pull You Thro’
09. It’s A Wonder


10. Wine And Wimmen[early version]
11. It’s Just A MatterOf Time
12. If You Got The Feelin’
13. Five Card Stud
14. Monkey Grip Glue[single edit]
15. What A Blow[single edit]
16. White Lightnin’[single mix]
17. Pussy [single mix]



01. A Quarter To Three
02. Gimme JustOne Chance
03. Soul Satisfying
04. Apache Woman
05. Every Sixty Seconds
06. Get It On
07. Feet
08. Peanut Butter Time
09. Wine And Wimmen
10. If You Wanna Be Happy
11. What’s The Point
12. No More Foolin’


13. High Flying Bird
14. Back To School Again
15. Can’t Put YourPicture Down
16. Love Is Such AWonderful Thing
17. A Quarter To Three[single mix]
18. Apache Woman[single mix]



01. Ride On Baby
02. A New Fashion
03. Nuclear Reactions
04. Visions
05. Jump Up
06. Come Back Suzanne
07. Rio De Janeiro
08. Girls
09. Seventeen
10. (Si, Si) Je Suis UnRock Star


11. Rio De Janeiro[single edit]
12. Come Back Suzanne[single edit]
13. Visions [single edit]
14. (Si, Si) Je Suis UnRock Star [single edit]
15. Come Back Suzanne[demo]
16. (Si Si) Je Suis UnRock Star [demo]



01. If I Was A Doo Doo Doo
02. Like A Knife
03. Stuff(Can’t Get Enough)
04. Leave Your Hat On
05. This Strange Effect
06. Mama Rap
07. She Danced
08. Fear Of Flying
09. Affected By The Towns
10. Blue Murder (lies)


11. Like a Knife[12” single mix]
12. Stuff(Can’t Get Enough)[12” single mix]
13. She Danced [12” mix]
14. Stuff(Can’t Get Enough)[alternate 12” mix]



Bill Wyman interview with David Hepworth on the making of each album


01. I Wanna Get Me A Gun
02. Monkey Grip Glue
03. What A Blow
04. (Si, Si) Je Suis UnRock Star
05. A New Fashion
06. Come Back Suzanne
07. Stuff(Can’t Get Enough)

01. Old Grey Whistle Test(featuring White Lightnin’ promo video)
02. Parkinson
03. Kenny Everett Television Show
04. Bonus clips from Newsnight

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  1. But, still no CD release for the 12″ single version of “(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock star”

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