David Lee Roth Sonrisa SalvejeDavid Lee Roth, widely known as one of the more crazier examples of excess in the Rock and Roll lifestyle, was larger than life. During his years with the emerging Van Halen, he elevated the position of frontman to a much higher level. With an overwhelming sense of swagger and more bravado than needed, Diamond Dave soon became a kind of textbook example for the hair bands of the ’80s. After his departure from Van Halen, he enjoyed a short-lived solo career, maybe as popular as the time with Van Halen. That started with the release of his 4-song EP, Crazy From The Heat, where he launched two big hits, “California Girls”, and “Just A Gigolo/Ain’t Got Nobody”. From there, he released two best-selling platinum albums, Eat ‘Em And Smile (1986), and Skyscraper (1988). He released A Little Ain’t Enough in 1991 to lesser success. Since, there has been three other albums.

On June 23, Friday Music will revisit a rarity, the long out of print Spanish version of Eat ‘Em And Smile, titled Sonrisa Salvaje. In this album, David Lee Roth re-recorded the vocals in Spanish in the hopes that the prime Spanish market would be ecstatic.  Sonrisa Salvaje will be reissued in a newly remastered set by house favorite, Joe Reagoso. The Edition will be limited so if you’re wanting one, be ready to buy.

The album’s original artwork will be included. There will not be any extra tracks outside the album’s original ten songs.

Also to be expected will be a CD issue of A Little Ain’t Enough. It is scheduled to reissue on the same date as Sonrisa Salveje. It, too, will feature brand new remastering (Joe Reagoso), and will issue as a Limited Edition set.

David Lee Roth A Little Ain't Enough

By MARowe