Graham Parker Mystery GlueWe don’t always see new music from Graham Parker with his most successful affiliation, The Rumour. But, when I see those two names joined together, I get excited, despite their musical admonition not to.

On May 18 (UK), May 19 (US), Graham Parker & The Rumour will be releasing a brand new album, Mystery Glue. What’s extra special about Mystery Glue is the fact that it is musically powered by the original bandmates of The Rumour, who includes Brinsley Schwarz, Bob Andrews, Martin Belmont, Stephen Goulding, and Andrew Bodnar. Their last together, Three Chords Good, which was released in 2012, was an excellent add to the catalog. The timeless magic is still there.

Mystery Glue will contain twelve songs (track-list below).

Mystery Glue will be released via Universal on CD, and vinyl LP. The first 100 to pre-order either the CD or the LP via web-site, will be treated to a signed copy. Additionally, a pre-order will enter you into a contest that could award five fans (you?) with an exclusive acoustic performance by Graham Parker.

Track List – Mystery Glue

01.Transit Of Venus
02.Going There
03.Wall Of Grace
04.Swing State
05.Slow News Day
06.Railroad Spikes
07.Flying Into London
08.Pub Crawl
09.I’ve Done Bad Things
10.Fast Crowd
11.Long Shot
12.My Life In Movieland

By MARowe