Audio Fidelity, the remastering label run by industry veteran, Marshall Blonstein, has announced its next two Hybrid SACD title, both planned for reissue on June 2. In this case, one is a previously released Quad 4-channel mix enhanced for SACD playback!

The titles include The Best Of The Doors (1973), originally released as only a Quadrophonic title, featuring eleven Doors classics, and With A Little Help From My Friends, the 1969 Joe Cocker debut. It would appear that the Joe Cocker title will be Stereo only.

Best Of The Doors SACD

Joe Cocker  A Little Help SACD


By MARowe

2 thoughts on “New SACD Title Reissues Forthcoming Via Audio Fidelity (Doors, Joe Cocker)”
  1. It’s hard to believe that AF would choose a Doors album to release given the fact that all The Doors albums have been released in 5.1 dvd-a. I’ve been picking up most of the rock oriented AF surround releases but I am on the fence about this one because I already have the 5.1 versions.

    PS. Glad to hear about the influx of new readers. Wonder what precipitated that.

  2. I agree with Bill. All the doors music are available in 5.1, why another one of the same stuff ? lets move on to something else for a change, like the innovators of Rock ” The Byrds ” in 5.1 would be a real treat !!!

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