Johnny Winter Live In JapanJohnny Winter‘s death last year left a void in the world of music. I know he did in mine. He was one of those once in a lifetime artists that gave Rock and Roll a legacy to enjoy. His last studio effort, Step Back (2014) was a great last addition to his catalog.

On April 21, MVD Visuals will release the followup CD from its earlier released DVD title of the same name. Live From Japan will contain twelve audio tracks from his historic April 15, 2011 set at the Zepp Tokyo Music Hall. Over the last years of Johnny Winter’s life, he had engaged in a constant touring mode that took him all over the world. This was his first in Japan. With this latest live document, we can enjoy Johnny Winter in the last year of his contributions.

There are two early Johnny winter titles that are on the calendar for reissue, both by Music On CD. Those titles include Saints And Sinners (1974), planned for September 14 in the UK, and White Hot And Blue (1978), planned for August 17 in the UK.

Track List: Live From Japan

01 Northern Seaside
02 Warm Eyelids
03 Compass
04 Letter Home
05 Wind in Her Hair
06 Ghost
07 Alps
08 ship
09 Hunters
10 Normandy
11 Empty Bed
12 Far Away From the City


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