Thanks to our sharp-eyed pals at The Second Disc, we are now privy to the upcoming two Bad Company reissues of Bad Company, and Straight Shooter. Bad Company needs virtually no introduction other than perhaps their extraordinary musical pedigree. It’s worth noting here that vocalist, Paul Rodgers came from Free. Free’s big recognizable single was “All Right Now”. Even so, that song isn’t the best from the Free catalog, but it’s a solid one, especially the extended album cut.

Other members of Bad Company include Mick Ralphs, who hailed from the excellent Mott The Hoople band . It’ probably worth noting also that Mott the Hoople ceased to be shortly thereafter releasing only one more studio work (The Hoople – 1974) after Ralphs’ departure. Then there’s Simon Kirke, who drummed for Free. Finally, Boz Burrell. Boz Burrell is the bassist for Bad Co. who is also known for his previous stint with King Crimson.

Bad Company 2CD

Bad Company released their debut album on the Swan Song label back in 1974 selling more than 5 million copies. Their sophomore issue, Straight Shooter, followed in 1975, some ten months later.


On April 7, in both the UK and US markets, Atlantic Records will offer Bad Company, and Straight Shooter as 2CD Deluxe Editions. The Deluxe Editions will contain a handful of extra bonus tracks (see below).  In addition to the remastered audio, Bad Company will provide a 20-page booklet with photos, new notes and essay, and credit information. A sticker will be included. Straight Shooter will contain a 20-page booklet with photos, credits, new notes and essay, along with a sticker to round out the package.

Bad Company Straight Shooter 2CD


Both sets will be presented in 8-panel digi-pak packaging. There will also be 2LP, 180g versions of each titles, as well as digital downloads of each album.

Bad Company – 1974

01 Can’t Get Enough
02 Rock Steady
03 Ready For Love
04 Don’t Let Me Down
05 Bad Company
06 The Way I Choose
07 Movin’ On
08 Seagull

01 Can’t Get Enough (Take 1)
02 Little Miss Fortune (Demo Reel 1)
03 The Way I Choose (Demo Reel 1)
04 Bad Company (LMS Studio Reel 2-73 Session)
05 The Way I Choose (Version 1 Inc. F/S)
06 Easy On My Soul (Long Version)
07 Bad Company (LMS Studio Reel 8-73 Session)
08 Studio Chat/Dialogue
09 Superstar Woman (Long Version)
10 Can’t Get Enough (Single Edit)
11 Little Miss Fortune (B-Side Of “Can’t Get Enough”)
12 Easy On My Soul (B-Side Of “Movin’ On”)
13 Can’t Get Enough (Hammond Mix)

Straight Shooter – 1975

01 Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
02 Feel Like Makin’ Love
03 Weep No More
04 Shooting Star
05 Deal With The Preacher
06 Wild Fire Woman
07 Anna
08 Call On Me

01 Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
02 Feel Like Makin’ Love (Take Before Master)
03 Weep No More (Early Slow Version)
04 Shooting Star (Alternate Take)
05 Deal With The Preacher (Early Version)
06 Anna (Alternate Vocal)
07 Call On Me (Alternate Take)
08 Easy On My Soul (Slow Version)
09 Whiskey Bottle (Early Slow Version)
10 See The Sunlight
11 All Night Long
12 Wild Fire Woman (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
13 Feel Like Makin’ Love (Harmonica Version)
14 Whiskey Bottle (B-Side Of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”)

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5 thoughts on “Two Bad Company Classics Ready For Deluxe Editions In April”
  1. Nice…these will fill the gaping hole (I have none!) in my Bad Company collection. I think I burned out on them growing up on classic rock radio, but since I haven’t listened to commercial radio I kind of miss hearing some of these tunes.

  2. I have all the Rodgers BC albums. For some reason I rarely listen to them. This article has just reminded me that I need to keep them in my rotation.
    My ranking…Straight Shooter, Bad Co, Desolation Angels, Burnin Sky, Runnin With The Pack, Rough Diamonds.

    The 70’s. What an era for music.

  3. Just wondering if there’s any word on the other four Paul Rodgers version of Bad Co albums also getting this treatment…

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