Robin Trower Something's About To ChangeWhen Robin Trower was at his peak back in the ’70s, there was little he could do wrong musically. His albums were all ‘must have’ affairs with Bridge Of Sighs perhaps his most recognizable release. His guitar playing is among the best, and, if you were to ask me, I’d say criminally underrated. With the super hitters like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and others, you rarely hear someone say, “Well, what about Robin Trower?” And yes, that’s equally true with unheralded talent like Rory Gallagher, so Trower isn’t alone in the ‘barely mentioned’ category.

On February 10 (US), March 9 (UK), Trower’s own label, V-12 Records, will release his 20th solo effort (not including his work with Procol Harum, and his many live sets), Something’s About To Change. The more amazing thing is that this new album coincides with Robin Trower’s 70th year of being alive. What better way to celebrate life than with a new album by Robin Trower with twelve new tracks?

I’m anxious to hear some new riffs by one of the masters of guitar!

By MARowe