Gimme-some-truthJohn Lennon left behind a wonderful legacy of music that include his partnership with The Beatles, as well as his own fruitful solo career. There’s never been a question as to how wide ranging his daring musical experimentations were (Two Virgins – 1968, Life With the Lions – 1969). But once he got his groove going, he created masterful albums that included his best-selling Double Fantasy (1980), as well as his defining Imagine (1971), his interim set, Walls And Bridges (1974), and, for me, his most beautiful, Mind Games (1973).

Of course, Lennon’s output included more than those listed. In their own way, all of them are masterpieces that reveal the core spirit of the John Lennon. Lennon was never one to shy away from his feelings, and each of his releases underscore that in their own way.

On October 28, two 2010 compilations, the 15-track Power To The People, and the 72-track Gimme Some Truth box, will be released in high resolution audio in 44.1kHz/24-bit remastered quality. On November 4, The John Lennon Signature Box will follow with new remasters in 96kHz/24-bit audio. The 2010 set will contain eight of his best (Double Fantasy, Mind Games, Imagine, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Walls And Bridges, Plastic Ono Band, Sometime In New York City, Milk And Honey), along with several rarities included exclusively within the Box recorded at 44.1kHz/24-bit.

All albums in the Signature Box have already been individually released in high definition audio (96kHz/24-bit): Imagine, and Rock ‘n’ Roll were released on October 7, with Mind Games, Double Fantasy, and Walls And Bridges following on October 14, and Plastic Ono Band, Sometime In New York City, and Milk And Honey closing the gap on October 21, all via HD Tracks.

By MARowe

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  1. If you look at CD Japan’s website @ Dec 3rd -Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Sometime in NY, Mind Games, Walls and Bridges, Rock and Roll and Double fantasy will be released on SHM-SACD. Would rather have BD pure audio discs like Imagine which came out recently -which sounded good, but I will take the SACD

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