Prodigal Electric EyeBack in the early ’80s. a band by the name of Prodigal released three albums before calling it a day. With the push of ’80s-styled Rock, and a mix in of New Wave music prevalent of the time, Prodigal developed an intensely loyal fan-base.

Prodigal was a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) band much like Daniel Amos (DA). Their approach was an expected ‘concern of the world’ experience, but, like with Daniel Amos, the music was a step above many of their peers’ attempts. In the secular arena, the music of Prodigal held up with many other bands.

Their first album, the self-titled debut effort, Prodigal, was released in 1982. They followed it up with the much heralded Electric Eye (1984). and completed their small catalog with their last album, Just Like Real Life (1985).

Recently, the band’s Electric Eye was selected as a 30th Anniversary Edition with a special bonus not seen in the business of Rock and Roll marketing. ┬áThe bonus was the new remastering of the band’s three album catalog, making the recently released 3CD 30th Anniversary Edition a fully stocked ‘Box’ with their inclusion.

Prodigal Set Expanded


This is a great time to get a copy of this limited edition set of Electric Eye before it’s gone. Head on over to their web store for yours.

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Prodigal Releases 3CD 30th Anniversary Edition Of Electric Eye”
  1. Again, thanks for including a CCM band in your excellent blog. Looks like they got this right, for sure. Including all of the band’s albums with this is certainly a plus for those of us who are fans. Hope to pick this up soon.

  2. Yep. Left a comment there, also. I’ll have to get my hands on those as well. Daniel Amos is one of my favorite bands ever.

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