Dirk Serries The Origin ReversalDirk Serries is a phenomenal ambient artist who, for a number of years (1984-2007), mostly under the vidnaObmana moniker, created a dream-like atmosphere musically. His music is often of the experimental industrial drone style, although he did experiment successfully using an isolationist ambient style. But, no matter his style, his is a type of thoughtful, walk through the human psyche. In his music, he expands time with a slowed down effect, exploring the emotional sides that we keep tamped down into the cracks of our humanity.

Serries had left the vidnaObmana name behind, choosing to use Fear Falls Burning to represent his unique grind of intensity. Here at MusicTAP, I’ve been a fan of Serries since his Projekt issues that featured his melodic and calmer ambient style as vidnaObmana. As he transitioned to Fear Falls Burning, I have marveled at his thumb-pinning musical craft that unveils the screech and noise of mankind.

It can easily be said that Dirk Serries loves sound. His fascination with it, his experimentation of it, and his large-scale compositions that express it are part and parcel of his wide-spanning abilities as an ambient artist.

Serries has worked with many of today’s innovative ambient artists that include Steve Roach among an impressive slate of collaboration.

On September 19, Dirk Serries returns to the style of his past Projekt-released ambience with the issue of The Origin Reversal (actually titled as ‘the origin reversal’). This return is welcomed by many as his multi-layering of peaceful soundwaves are as potent as his more intense drone series of music are. The music found on The Origin Reversal (streamed and purchasable at the  Projekt-based Bandcamp stream here) was created using only a Gibson Les Paul, and pedals. On listening to this, you’re immediately in awe of the kind of music a single guitar can produce. Of course, it takes a brilliant artist to create those sounds, and Dirk Serries is one of those.

While it is true that not everybody loves the beautifully expressive ambient style, in the hands of Dirk Serries, the soul of The Origin Reversal (or any of his works) becomes an immersion in tranquility. Like a warm, comforting bath.


By MARowe

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  1. Sublime! It sounds too good to be true. As if it has been processed many times. Ive seen him live a couple of times. This music aint no fluke. Hes very very good. And a jolly nice chap. Light a scented candle and switch off from reality for an hour. Trust me.

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