Bob Seger Ride OutThrough the entirety of the ’70s, Bob Seger, and his Silver Bullet Band, owned plenty of the airwaves emanating from the speakers of car radios. that, of course, lead to a healthy climb up the Billboard charts as his albums sold to match the excitement his excellent singles provided (“Mainstreet” was my favorite song from Seger). Over the years that followed his ‘top of the charts’ dominance, he has released a few albums, even though his audience has turned inward to other things, and the new generation of fans wanted something else. Nevertheless, his albums still managed to sell quite well if not the multi-platinum status that ended with Against The Wind from 1980.

With It’s A Mystery, released in 1995, Seger still moved enough albums to garner a Gold status. After that album, Bob Seger went it alone with the release of Face the Promise, and once again, found that million album Platinum mark again. With the “Wait For Me” single, it was clear that Bob Seger has lost nothing in his ability to write and perform an engaging song with something to say.

On October 14, Capitol Records will release the next Bob Seger solo effort, Ride Out. The new album will feature ten new Seger tracks, with some of them covers (“Detroit Made” – John Hiatt, “The Devil’s Right Hand” – Steve Earle, “Adam and Eve”, and “California Stars”). The new Seger release will also be issued on a Deluxe Edition with three Seger bonus tracks included. Capitol will also release a vinyl LP version of Ride Out, same date.

Ride Out Track-List:

01. Detroit Made
02. Hey Gypsy
03. The Devil’s Right Hand
04. Ride Out
05. Adam and Eve
06. California Stars
07. It’s Your World
08. All of The Roads
09. You Take Me In
10. Gates of Eden
11. Listen
12. The Fireman’s Talkin’
13. Let The Rivers Run


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