Peter Murphy Mr Moonlight TourIn 2013, prior to the release of his newest solo effort, Lion (2014), Peter Murphy toured the US and Europe on his Mr Moonlight Tour. During this three-month tour, Murphy, the iconic singer of the famed Bauhaus band from the ’80s, Peter Murphy performed full Bauhaus song sets that intrigued and pleased Bauhaus fans from all over.

Peter Murphy celebrated the 35-year history of Bauhaus during this tour. Fortunately, during his sold-out LA set at the Henry Fonda Theater, the cameras were rolling, capturing nineteen extraordinary songs that include “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, “Silent Hedges”, the Bauhaus covers of “Ziggy Stardust”, and “Telegram Sam” (dang, no “Spirit In the Sky”), and notable Bauhaus classics, “The Passion Of Lovers”, “Dark Entries”, and “King Volcano”, to name a just a few gems (see performance track-list below).

On October 28, Nettwerk Records will release a Live DVD of Mr Moonlight Tour – 35 Years Of Bauhaus. If you’re a fan of Bauhaus, and Peter Murphy, then this already has you excited!


01.  King Volcano
02.  Kingdom’s Coming
03.  Double Dare
04.  In The Flat Field
05.  A God In An Alcove
06.  Boys
07.  Silent Hedges
08.  Endless Summer Of The Damned
09.  The Spy In The Cab
10.  A Strange Kind Of Love
11.  Bela Lugosi’s Dead
12.  The Passion Of Lovers
13.  Stigmata Martyr
14.  Dark Entries
15.  Severance
16.  Hollow Hills
17.  Spirit
18.  Telegram Sam
19.  Ziggy Stardust

By MARowe

One thought on “Mr Moonlight Tour – 35 Years Of Bauhaus DVD Featuring Peter Murphy Arrives In October”
  1. Would love to have this… but…

    who wants DVDs anymore? Blu-Ray discs have been around for over 8 years now. I haven’t bought SD discs in over a decade now. I understand it’s about costly distribution and manufacturing, so if that’s the issue, why not make something available as an HD download.

    What a huge mistake on Nettwerk’s part.

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