Genesis R-KiveGenesis, the band, has been a lot of things to a lot of people. Some fans prefer the Peter Gabriel years, while others prefer the hits-laden years without Gabriel. Yes, I have my preferences (Gabriel-fronted, although I loved Trick Of The Tail, Wind and Wuthering (the last with Steve Hackett), and …Then There Were Three…, which accounts for most of Genesis’ vast catalog). Oftentimes, when the hits packages are released for Genesis, they center in on the Collins-fronted era.

It’s nice to discover that a collections Box set featuring Genesis (and Genesis-related materials) is on the calendar for us fans to indulge in, and will take a decidedly different direction than your conventional ‘best of’ package.

On September 29, Virgin/Universal UK, and September 30 for US  via Atlantic Records, the 3CD, 37 track retrospective of Genesis called R-Kive will be released. This set will revisit Genesis, and their off-shoot successes such as the solo careers of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks, and Mike + The Mechanics (Mike Rutherford) (check out…and love, the track-list below).

R-Kive, with its clever scrambling of the Genesis name on the cover, will span the extraordinary 40+ musical years of the band and its respected members.

R-Kive Track-List:

‘The Knife’ from ‘Trepass’ (1970)
‘The Musical Box’ from ‘Nursery Cryme’ (1971)
‘Supper’s Ready’ from ‘Foxtrot’ (1972)
‘The Cinema Show’ from ‘Selling England by the Pound’ (1973)
‘I Know What I Like’ from ‘Selling England by the Pound’ (1973)
‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ from ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ (1974)
‘Back in N.Y.C.’ from ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ (1974)
‘The Carpet Crawlers’ from ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ (1974)
‘Ace of Wands’ from Steve Hackett‘s ‘Voyage of the Acolyte’ (1975)

‘Ripples’ from ‘A Trick of the Tail’ (1976)
‘Afterglow’ from ‘Wind & Wuthering’ (1976)
‘Solsbury Hill’ from Peter Gabriel‘s first self-titled album (1977)
‘Follow You Follow Me’ from ‘And Then There Were Three’ (1978)
‘For a While’ from Tony Banks’ ‘A Curious Feeling’ (1979)
‘Every Day’ from Steve Hackett’s ‘Spectral Mornings’ (1979)
‘Biko’ from Peter Gabriel’s third self-titled album (1980)
‘Turn It On Again’ from ‘Duke’ (1980)
‘In the Air Tonight’ from Phil Collins’ ‘Face Value’ (1981)
‘Abacab’ from ‘Abacab’ (1981)
‘Mama’ from ‘Genesis’ (1983)
‘That’s All’ from ‘Genesis’ (1983)
‘Easy Lover’ (Phil Collins and Philip Bailey duet, originally released in 1984)
‘Silent Running’ from Mike + The Mechanics’ self-titled album (1985)

‘Invisible Touch’ from ‘Invisible Touch’ (1986)
‘Land of Confusion’ from ‘Invisible Touch’ (1986)
‘Tonight Tonight Tonight’ from ‘Invisible Touch’ (1986)
‘The Living Years’ from Mike + The Mechanics’ ‘Living Years’ (1989)
‘Red Day on Blue Street’ from Tony Banks’s ‘Still’ (1991)
‘I Can’t Dance’ from ‘We Can’t Dance’ (1991)
‘No Son of Mine’ from ‘We Can’t Dance’ (1991)
‘Hold On My Heart’ from ‘We Can’t Dance’ (1991)
‘Over My Shoulder’ from Mike + The Mechanics’ ‘Beggar on a Beach of Gold’ (1995)
‘Calling All Stations’ from ‘Calling All Stations’ (1997)
‘Signal to Noise’ from Peter Gabriel’s ‘Up’ (2002)
‘Wake Up Call’ from Phil Collins’ ‘Testify’ (2002)
‘Nomads’ from Steve Hackett’s ‘Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth’ (2009)
‘Siren’ from Tony Banks’ ‘Six: Pieces of Orchestra’ (2012)

More details to be updated as they become available.

By MARowe

6 thoughts on “3CD Genesis Box, R-Kive, To Be Issued In September”
  1. [Ahem] The first two CD’s look exactly like a mix tape I made around about 1987. They stole my tape…

    However, it’s a nice setlist and would be nice if they issued it as a hi-res title (compared to my old cassette).

    That’s about it!!!

  2. Looking forward more of the release of 3 sides live on bluray,and if somebody could locate the film elements of the mama tour.Also put the when in Rome concert out on bluray

  3. Maybe they will get back together one time (Gabriel and Hackett included) and tour to support this massive collection (which I will not be buying as I have the DVD-A’s in surround) – highly recommended by the way.

    Missed them in the highly theatrical Peter Gabriel days in the 70’s. Couldn’t really get behind the extravagant costumes when I was younger. Understand what he was going for now.

    Would really, REALLY like to see a tour!

  4. You wonder why Gabriel and Hackett would want their solo material associated with the commercial garbage that the three other guys manufactured in the late 1980s and 1990s…..

  5. greg: There’s another Blu-ray coming out a few weeks after 3SL called Sum Of The Parts which will have the BBC documentary “Genesis: Together And Apart”. I’m assuming it’ll be a collection of their videos with hi-res sound, and maybe other videos, live performances, etc, etc. Found this out on the World of Genesis twitter.

  6. Mmm, yeah. It looks like a strange compilation though that does not mean it should not be done or won’t be great! It’s just it does not have a good number of big hits in particular from Phil Collins. Also no new, rare, or previously unreleased songs. The title is also strange considering they already have a series of box sets called “Archive”. I guess it is interesting for what it is. Of course there also is already “The Platinum Collection” released I think worldwide except in the U.S. of A. If I recall that did not delve into any solo songs though. Don’t get me wrong…this interesting but I would say a rather larger box set could be done in the future, eh?

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