Camel Rain DancesI realize that not everyone who reads these pages are interested in specialty products. By those, I usually mean LPs and SACDs. Although, interestingly, many are very interested in BD-Audio. The reason, I’m sure, is because of the installed base. For many, the turntables have been put away. The SACD players were never bought. But the fact remains, both LPs and the resilient SACD haven’t allowed themselves to go off into that good night. Besides, I just cannot resist posting great news about great albums. With that:

Universal Music hasn’t forsaken the SACD in Japan.  With regularity, the label reissues classic titles in the SHM-SACD format.  And while I’m not a big fan of DSD remixing by “factory” engineers, churning out product simply because they’re next on a revolving calendar of titles, I can’t help but get excited that a favored title is being revisited in the format. and that maybe – just…maybe – the engineer might accidentally get it right. Or that he might be a fan and make a great remix.

Upcoming Japanese-produced single-layer SACD titles will include Free Live! by Free, and Countdown To Ecstasy by Steely Dan, both slated for reissue on July 30.

But there have been some great ones that are currently in released status that I think you should know about. For example, there is Rain Dances, the 1977 classic by Camel. It is already available as a single layer SACD. It released on March 12. There is also The Age Of Plastic, the 1980 Buggles released in April 23. Ritchie Blackmore‘s 1975 gem, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, which arrived on March 26.


As well, Long Distance Voyager, the 1981 Moody Blues album was released on March 26 as an SACD. Caravan and their 1973 album, For Girls Who Grow Plump In the Night, there was an SACD release on March 19.

To finish up, it is notable to know that on April 23, Universal Japan released an SACD version of Unhalfbricking, the 1969 classic from Fairport Convention, as well as Alpha, the 1983 Asia album, which released on May 28.

All that said, it is important for SACD aficionados to recognize that SACDs are being released officially all over the play. What’s required is a bit of sleuthing on all our parts to alert fans of any of the titles mentioned, and any that will show up soon.

By MARowe

6 thoughts on “SACDs From Japan Are Plentiful”
  1. I have found the prices for the Japan sacds a bit prohibitive. I still buy a lot of sacds, many from the UK but I have yet to spring for one of the Japan ones (even though I’ve seen many good reviews). I have many of the Pure Audio Hi Fidelity BDs (maybe 15 of them) and have liked what I’ve heard. Of course, I still think the lack of a 5.1 mix (on most of them) is costing them a lot of sales and making me question how foolish I am for buying another version of something I already have. I have resigned myself to having to always have an Oppo for the rest of my life.
    You are right though Matt. I think the hi-rez market is hotter now than ever. Mainly because those of us who buy them are one of the last demographics that want physical media.

  2. I love specialty products! Sacd, dvd-a, bd audio (just bought Let it bleed, gorgeous). I agree with Bill on the issues of high cost, lack of 5.1 (did you listen to Rumours SACD in 5.1?!). And I have an OPPO too hehe but just bought a Pioneer for another room and it seems a fine universal player and quite cheap. Please keep us informed on these specialty issues there is no other site for me to find out.

    1. Did you know that Pioneer is getting out of the home audio business? From what I’ve heard the days of Pioneer audio equipment are numbered.

      1. I did! I guess my copyright infringement lawsuit did them in. (they have a Music TAP product). Just kidding. It is surprising though.

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