Over the weekend, I went on a kick that included listening to two bands I have a special love for. Both, ironically, are products of the ’90s, a period I’m particularly mean to. I don’t intend to be unfair to that period because some good stuff came from it. Nevertheless, the two bands I’m referring to are The Cranberries, whose last album came in 2012, and The Sundays, whose last album was in 1997.

The basic premise of this particularly nostalgic article is simply, a question asking why we don’t see much anymore from these people.

The Cranberries are the easier of the two bands. Since Roses released in 2012, there’s a high probability that we will hear more from them. Bit it did take a long, long time to get Roses from this very talented, and original band. Before Roses, there is Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (a terrible title, an excellent album) released in 2001. Then that horribly long wait before Roses.  Was Roses worth it? Yes, it was!  But while it gave me hope for continuation, I’m fearful that the long period of abstention may have done damage, not to the band, but to a weakening fan base, which, in turn, may discourage them from more.



The Sundays is the problem here.  With only three albums that include their perfect Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (1990), their equally perfect Blind (1992), and then the long hiatus leading to Static & Silence from 1997, we’re left in the lurch hoping against hope that the sixteen plus years since the last might bring new music. And I miss Harriet Wheeler’s angelic voice!

The Sundays

Perhaps I’m too sentimental about these things.  Maybe I don’t know how to put things to bed. But I do know that when the music (art) is quite good, it leaves you wanting more. Sometimes (especially for me) I’m left with a sadness for a long, long, LONG time.

My question to these bands (and many more) is just this: When you can create as well as you do, why not stay at it until it becomes impossible!

Forgive this hastily written, incoherent article.

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “Where Are The Sundays And The Cranberries?”
  1. I feel your pain re: The Sundays. I’m a prog guy but I am completely enamored by Harriet Wheeler’s voice and the music of The Sundays. I did a bit of searching and came across a recent interview with Harriet amp; her husband in, of all place American Airlines In Flight magazine! There is a tease of possible new music to come…


      1. Thanks Matt – I’m on it – as a QQ member I’ve been aware of these for some time now. Looking forward. Keep the prog (and the 5.1 news coming!)

  2. Nice post. I bought each of their first albums when they came out, and Blind as well. I always shudder when I first hear Harriet’s voice come in on a song. No-one I know ever bought The Sundays, but everyone always loved it when I would play it for them. Great evening summer-nite music. I always thought they were up there with The Smiths. I didn’t like where The Cranberries went with their second (didn’t buy it or any others), but obviously I was in the minority. (That’s OK–I have a lot of bands I turned people on to, only to not be a fan of their follow-ups as they got traction). Yeah, sorry, I can be a music snob.

  3. That’s a very sweet version of the Stones, but I don’t think better. I don’t know many artists who have bettered The Stones at their own songs, but Marianne Faithful took back her songs as she got older and stole a couple others–Mick can’t beat that voice, or that venom she could put in them. Hey?

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