KingCrimsonStarlessAs reported by, and brought to my attention by Jim B (thanks, buddy!), the King Crimson camp will be reissuing Starless And Bible Black (forget about that 2011 40th Anniversary Edition).  What makes this one so special?

The newest edition of Starless And Bible Black will be reissued in a Box set that will feature some pretty important elements including CD, DVD-Audio, and BD-Audio discs. Those discs, of course, will feature new remastering. Of course, one of the major emphasis here will be on the Blu-ray Audio disc considering the 2011 40th Anniversary has DVD-Audio with 5.1 Surround already available.

Further setting apart this new Box set will be the inclusion of the complete “blue tapes”, a set of live recordings that are reel to reel direct to stereo/soundboard and of excellent quality. Many of the live concert performance tracks will be making their debut on disc for this set. In fact, the camp is asking for any photos, tapes, even memories of King Crimson during this period.

As of now, there are no further details but I’m betting when they’re released, we’ll be there in droves for the set. And when further information concerning this new reissue, I’ll be sure to update the news.

To sweeten the entire deal (and yes, it does get even sweeter!), DGM will be reissuing a ‘can’t do no wrong’ Steve Wilson Stereo/5.1 Surround remix of Beat to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. And yes, I’m doubly excited about that bit of news, even though I relegated it to the bottom of this piece.


Exciting times for King Crimson fans!

By MARowe

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  1. You way of course exercise the option to wimp out with lesser collections but if you understand and appreciate this vital era of King Crimson and the vast riches within, you don’t question the price tag. (which is no worse that previous box sets and actually a bit better)

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