Roger Waters Amused To DeathAs Pink Floyd dismantled the collective engines of their greatness, tossing the bolts haphazardly aside so as to effectively prevent them from creating as a viable unit, Roger Waters moved on to create more albums that would have made more classic Pink Floyd. One of them is his last rock and roll solo studio work, Amused To Death. Amused To Death is an exploration of the human psyche, and humanity’s collective lapses, all encouraged by television as a media of exchange.

Musically, Waters is easily at the top of his usual game with this album. Amused To Death can be called by some as Waters’ most provocative work since his departure from the band that gave him his accepted voice. And Roger Waters is one of humanity’s harshest critics noted by his previous works like Animals.

It’s a welcome surprise to discover that Amused To Death is being revisited by Waters and Pink Floyd’s most trusted sound engineer, Jame Guthrie.  With the dominating presence of the internet, much more than when Amused To Death was first released back in 1992. the intensity of the album now takes on a whole new meaning and import.

Acoustic Sounds, along with Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings will, later this year, release a new audio update of Amused To Death with new Stereo mix, as well as a new fleshed out 5,1 Surround mix.  In addition to these things (which would make the most devout of fans happy enough), there will be new, never before released “content” and brand new graphics.

Exciting news? We think so!

By MARowe

10 thoughts on “Rogers Waters’ Amused To Death To Get Audio Remixes”
  1. YES, this is very exciting news to me.
    So is this the long awaited sacd? I pre-ordered that on Sept 19th and, as far as I know, it’s still an active order. I pretty much gave up on it.

    Didn’t expect the 5.1 treatment but that album was made to be in 5.1. I love that album and listen to it several times a year. IMO this was the best post Floyd release with the Waterless PF Divison Bell and Momentary Lapse Of Reason being 2nd and 3rd.
    You just made my weekend Matt.

  2. I’m going to have to dig this one out and give it another shot. It didn’t really hold up last time I give it a spin.

  3. Thanks for the excellent news Matt, you made my day!!! This album has been at the top of my 5.1 wish list for over a decade. It was basically designed to be an immersive surround album from the beginning, but the best that they could do with the technology at the time was invent “Q-sound” (I think that this is the only album that used that technology).

    The album is an amazing sonic experience and musically it is incredible and probably the best album that Pink Floyd never got to do. And, the line-up of musicians is excellent.

    I’m looking forward to it and hope that it gets people to re-assess this album as the masterpiece that it is.

  4. Guthrie’s stellar work on Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are my go-to-disc’s when I demonstrate the wonderful world of surround on SACD. So, regardless of how I feel about this recording (kinda agree with Jahnke) will buy this as soon as it’s available. Will revisit it in the meantime. Any suggestions of favorite tracks Matt?

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