I have recently listened to the 2013 Steven Wilson remix of Close To the Edge, the 1972 YES classic considered by many to be one of the great albums not only of YES’ career, but also of all time.  For me, that’s pretty much a subjective approach but I do love this album immensely.  And I do consider it one of the great albums of the Rock period.

I will offer up my opinions of this remix and extra content found on the Panegyric Records release, that is the Blu-ray Audio version.  Top suggestion is that, unless you do not own a Blu-ray machine, be sure to acquire it in BD-Audio, if you had plans to pick one up.  There’s so much more available on this issue than the DVD-Audio set.  And actually, I’m not even sure the DVD-Audio set is accessible any more.  Nevertheless, the DVD-Audio package gets: the expected 2013 Stereo remixes, as well as lossless 24/96k files.  There are also the original Stereo mixes from the 1972 master along with 24/96k, and the panted after 2013 Surround 5.1 remixes, and a DTS 24/96k remix.

Close the Edge BD

But the Blu-ray Audio (BD-Audio) contains: the CD also found in the DVD-Audio package of the 2013 remix.  The second disc adds in:
– 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Surround (24bit/96khz) mixed from the original multi-channel recordings.
– the new stereo album mix in DTS-HD Master Audio (24bit/96khz).
– the original album mix and America in a DTS-HD Master Audio flat transfers from the original master tape source. (24bit/192khz)
– exclusive instrumental versions of all new mixes in DTS-HD Master Audio stereo (24bit/96khz).
– exclusive needle-drop of an original UK vinyl A1/B1 pressing transferred in 24bit/96khz audio.
-Single edits of “America”, “And You And I”, “Total Mass Retain”
-One sweet booklet with photos, etc.

All of these brilliant tracks are accessible from an on-screen menu.  A simple press of the Top Menu key will pop up the unobtrusive selections on the left hand side.

Let me say this: I love this set.  Playback in the DTS HD Master Audio mode will really kick open the doors on this masterful three track classic.  The album cover, while true to the original artwork , is slightly updated.  The music, vocals, and sound, while not always perfect (what is?), are extraordinary listens that will have you sitting impressed.

I’m not sure how long these copies will be around, but if you’re a serious fan of the album, I’d pick it up without hesitation.

With this new version of Close To the Edge in the market place following a recently released Close To the Edge SACD remaster , I have to ask a question.  How invested are you in a particular album?

Of course, there are album remasters that the casual buyer will purchase to get a fresh sound of something that needed replacing anyway.  But serious collectors of particular albums approach their favorites with a kind of obsession.  The argument is, of course, how many different ways do you really need to hear something like Close To the Edge.  Really, the music is the music.  It’s timeless and is what it is.

Me? I get obsessive over certain albums.  If there are three issues in a single year, I’ll get them for what they may offer.  However, I won’t do it for everything.  My qyestion is this: What album(s) will you obsessively chase no matter how many different reissues occur?

By MARowe

11 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The 2013 Remix Of Close To the Edge (BD-Audio Version)…And A Question”
  1. The long answer…. The only way I will obsessively chase new re-issues of any album is if I perceive there is significant value added from the previous versions I own. With that in mind, and easy way for any record company to get me to re-buy one of my favorites is to put it out in hi-res, preferably blu-ray but I’m a sucker for sacd and dvd-a as well. I perceive these formats to be superior to standard cds. Even though I can’t say I’ve ever tried to compare the standard to the hi-res directly because I feel it is a fools errand to do so. Very subjective and somewhat dependent on equipment, settings, recording levels etc.. Short answer… If they do a 5.1 mix of any of my top 300 all-time favorite albums, chances are I will buy it (if I don’t already have a 5.1 mix).

  2. What did you think of the needle drop audio included on the blu-ray? I’ve read good reviews of the BD overall but that the needle drops were pretty bad. Just curious. Thanks as always for your work/postings.

  3. We are in complete agreement over this edition. I felt a bit let down by the AF SACD earlier in 2013 but this one made up for it. Long live Steven Wilson!

  4. I agree this release is the best of all the many different versions that have surfaced recently. Although I am kind of biased as I love the 5.1 remixes. If my top say 100 albums were re-released in 5.1 I wouldn’t hesitate at all to pick them up, especially if Steve Wilson did them. Everything I have he’s done is outstanding (Tull, ELP, Yes). Do you know what he’s working on next?

  5. I’m more willing to buy a remaster when its done in 5.1 even though I still buy the cd if its not released in 5.1 the only exception being when they only put the 5.1 disc in a mega box set and won’t release it seprately.Just heard that the Genesis catalog is going to be released on bluray audio disc the first one is coming out this month is selling england by the pound

  6. I believe that the SW remix of Edge is the best version out there. I have to admit I am biased to whatever he puts out, and this started way back to the sound and mixes he created for his bands Porcupine Tree and No-man. I see these comparison discussions here and other websites (Like Hoffman Forum) all the time. And it occurs to me that if you are a serious music listener, whether you are a fanatic collector or not (because collecting can be a very separate thing from buying music to listen to), then your system and listening room is key. I have been upgrading my stereo/sacd system for many years, to the point where I am satisfied with my sound. Not that long ago I introduced a less expensive (but high quality) system into the mix, only sharing the subwoofer between my 5.1 audio set-up and the stereo. Though my 5.1 system sounds great to my ears, it is no match for my stereo. Therefore, though I enjoy the 5.1 experience of some recordings, when it comes right down to it, the stereo will be my focus and my greatest pleasure. I guess my question have people who are now enjoying and preferring their 5.1 systems on all these reissues upgraded their gear to at least match what they had before or have gone beyond it? I personally cannot afford that again. Are people enthralled by the 5.1 experience even if the sound is not as good as what they had before based on their level of gear? Just asking the question.

    1. It’s a great question. I, myself, am not infatuated with 5.1. However, an album like Close To The Edge comes along and I’m curious as to how it could sound with a fantastic setup.

    2. Count me in with the “enthralled with 5.1 crowd”. I don’t necessarily think it’s better than stereo but it is “value added” and definitely provides a different experience and in many cases allows you to hear things that were less noticeable in the stereo mix. In that sense it’s like listening to an old album for the first time. This Yes album is a perfect example. There are a couple of moments where I thought “I’ve never heard that before”. And, I agree, this release is by far the best version(s) of this album ever released (that I’ve heard).

  7. Hi Matt, I am one of the unfortunate (?) people who bought bothe SACD and Blu-Ray versions of CttE. As a long time fan of Steven Wilson, having some of the PT albums on DVD-Audio, I actually think Thick as a Brick is his best work. When his CttE was announced, I immediately put the SACD copy up for sale on Amazon and sold it quite quickly. Having the complete Genesis set, I would hesitate to get them all on Blu-Ray, but as Selling England is 1 of my favourite records, I would definitely get it. Some of the extras on the CttE Blu-Ray are curiosity value at best, IMHO, to be marvelled at once, however the remixed record itself is amazing, both in 5.1 and PCM, and are reference standard. I cannot wait for Tales to get done.
    (BTW, I am also waiting for SW to do some Beatles records, notably Rubber Soul and Revolver, as I believe they can really be improved by a remix!).

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